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Leaf Blower vacuum mulchers - buying guide, rating in 2024

You have some deciduous trees in your garden. But in the fall, this place becomes the home of all the fallen leaves. If you want to prevent the growth of weeds and mosses, you must collect them. Unfortunately, collecting dead leaves is not a fun activity. A leaf vacuum mulcher can make a big difference. A vacuum mulcher with a blower will even make this job quicker and more enjoyable. Depending on your needs and the structure of your garden, this device is available in several models. The Bosch ALS 30 has two hoses: the first allows you to blow, and the second will be useful for vacuuming. You can easily use it on your lawn, yard and more. Black + Decker GW3030 will ensure to absorb 14 m3 of dead leaves per minute, even wet leaves.

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What is the best leaf vacuum mulcher to choose in 2022?

Maintaining your garden is often tiring. With the use of a leaf blower vacuum mulcher, you will no longer have back pain when you have to leave plant waste scattered everywhere. Before embarking on purchasing this product, you should know its key features to determine which one meets your requirements.

Choosing a leaf blower vacuum mulcher among many others is not an easy task. There are several leaf blower mulchers available to you in the market. To avoid wasting time going around DIY stores, he will tell you the specifics of each product. In general, this type of equipment is distinguished first of all on the level of the engine. With the cordless motor, you can collect a large number of leaves over a large area. This model has a battery.

Not only is it autonomous, but it is also silent. If you have to cover a very large area, then you should equip yourself with a gas engine. It can blow away leaves as soon as the tank is fueled. This type of device does not require the use of a power cable. It is especially useful in parks.

Indeed, gardeners can work without restriction in areas covered with trees. Finally, we have the electric model. It is suitable for medium-sized gardens. It is not very expensive, but it shows high potency.

Before getting the prototype, it is important not to neglect its functions. If your decision is for classic models, they will only be able to blow away leaves and debris. If you need a device that can blow, vacuum and shred at the same time, you will need a leaf vacuum mulcher with a blower. With a chiller, you can make compost. By consulting our review of the top-rated blower vacuums, you'll get an idea of ​​what each unit is capable of.

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Bosch ALS 30 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower

1-bosch-06008a1100-als-30 To perform these functions, it has two tubes: one for blowing and the other for vacuuming. This device is powerful and versatile. So you can use it to clean your lawn, patio, and the like.

It is a lightweight prototype. It weighs only 1.4 kg. Its dimensions are 49.8 x 36.4 x 29.8 cm. The Bosch ALS 30 has an integrated adjustable handle and a shoulder strap. When you use the blower mode, it blows the whole wet plant at up to 300 km/h. Since the length of the rope is 2 meters, you will be able to maintain a large surface.

In addition, the collection bag has a holding capacity of 45 liters. Since this is a modern specimen, you won't have to stop often during the grinding process. Indeed, the crushing speed is high, at 1/10 with a suction flow of 800 m/h.

This brand is well known and known for the quality of the devices it manufactures, which makes many users consider it the Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Reviews and Comparisons, although this model is still the most expensive on the list. ours.


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