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 Frank's Picks! 


Things TO DO in Asheville:

Asheville is an amazing place to live, visit, and play. There are so many fantastic things to do in Asheville besides consuming world class suds on Beer City Brewery Tours which are highlighted below.  The #1 thing to do in Asheville, NC is take our Beer City Brewery South Slope Brewery Tour.



Visit three of our favorite breweries in about three hours. Enjoy several spectacular beer samples that have been locally crafted and curated by me for your best beer experience. This exclusive tour includes a detailed look into an award winning brewhouses including: Burial Beer Company, Green Man Brewing
and Hi Wire Brewing.


Here are our other top picks for things to do in Asheville:


Go OUTSIDE! Check out the hiking trails, biking trails and gardens next to the Blue Ridge Parkway at the North Carolina Arboretum.

Take a drive. The 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway is an activity in Asheville that you will always remember. Bring your camera for shots of the stunning mountain landscapes and maybe a black bear as well.


Did you know that art can be made outside of a brewery and a pint glass? Exploring amazing artwork from spectacular local artists is a must when looking for activities in Asheville. The River Arts District, or RAD for short, is a great place to check out local art as well as experience a greater portion of Asheville. 


The Creator of Frank the Tank

 During your art walk I recommend popping your head into the Pink Dog Creative on Depot Street to visit Aaron Hill, the creator of our beloved and iconic Frank The Tank. Aaron and many other talented artists in RAD are working hard for you in order for you to experience the beauty of the Asheville art scene. Enjoying the multifaceted art community in the River Arts District is a must when considering things to do in Asheville. 

Drink some Hard Cider?! Yes, hard cider is also a great option when looking for things to do in Asheville. Alcoholic cider has been a staple, along with beer, in Asheville for several years now. Frank's favorite local cider maker is by far Noble Cider. Check out their restaurant and taproom downtown. Taste wonderfully made local ciders made from trees in Henderson Country.  


Visit their site for hours.


No beer experience in Asheville is complete without a trip to South Slope Cheese Co. Beer pairs beautifully with cheese so pop in and grab an amazingly tasty charcuterie box for before, during or after your Beer City Brewery Tour. Pro Tip: Get the pub box or the Taste of Asheville charcuterie box as we walk from Burial Beer Company to Green Man Brewing. Don't worry!  We will stop for a moment.  We support independent local businesses in the South Slope in Asheville.  We are so happy to have such a wonderful selection of cheeses, meats, wines and other snacks right on the way of your Beer City Brewery Tours. South Slope Cheese Company is one of the best things to do in Asheville while on Beer City Brewery Tours.  Cheers!

Little Chango is a great restaurant option for your Arepa desires before or after Beer City Brewery Tours.  

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