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​​My name is Evan Rosenberg and I am a Certified Cicerone®, or beer expert and enthusiast, living in Asheville, NC. I am the owner and operator of Beer City Brewery Tours. I relocated to Asheville, NC with my wife Patricia from Chicago, IL in 2014 on a quest to explore Beer City USA. I am fluent in the language of beer. I have worked in the beer and service industry for most of my life.  One of my favorite activities is talking about beer while enjoying a pint. 


I have been proudly leading Asheville brewery tours at fabulous independent breweries since 2016. I strive to build long lasting relationships through my tours as well as through my travel to other beer destinations. I have explored hundreds of breweries from coast to coast and internationally gaining valuable beer knowledge along the way. I have been privileged enough to have worked with some of the best beer minds in Asheville and the world. 

My main goal for this tour is to show you my beer backyard. Along the way I will discuss the different stories of beer. 

Evan Rosenberg, Certified Cicerone®


Meet Evan

"I get excited about escorting beer lovers around my favorite breweries in Asheville to discuss ingredients, styles, process and the back stories of these iconic breweries. "

Hello Beer Lovers!

Meet Frank The (Fermenter) Tank.  
Frank is the leader of Beer City Brewery Tours. He was born to help ales and lagers chug away inside his stainless steel frame. He knows that one of the best things to do in Asheville is to hang out with beer lovers, like himself, at Asheville breweries. Come join Frank The Tank on an exploration of everything Beer and Brewing on Beer City Brewery Tours.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?

Beer City Brewery Tours meets in front of Burial Brewing Company five minutes before your tour begins.  Burial Brewing Company is located at 40 Collier Avenue Asheville, NC 28801.  We will meet outside in front of the taproom on the East side of the street at the picnic tables.  Evan will meet you there wearing his lager yellow Beer City Brewery Tours shirt.  He looks forward to meeting you on the best brewery tour in Asheville. Cheers!

Can I take pictures?

Definitely. Snapping pics is one of the best activities in Asheville.  Please take as many photos as you like.  There are some once in a lifetime shots that should be taken.

Tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @BeerCityTour #beercitybrewerytours 

What is the definition of an independent brewery?

The Brewers Association states that an independent brewery is owned or controlled by less than 25 percent of the craft brewery (or equivalent economic interest) by a beverage alcohol industry member that is not itself a craft brewer. It is imparative that Beer City Brewery Tours supports local, independent breweries only. 


Do you do private tours?

Yes, we love private tours.  We offer private brewery tours for all sized groups for ANY occassion. Join the Best Asheville Brewery Tour with your group today.  Read here.

What is a Certified Cicerone®?

Check out the Cicerone Certification Program below. Take the test to earn your Certified Beer Server accreditation.

Where do we park?

Driving is not recommended as parking is quite sparse and I want you to be able to hang loose. If you are staying downtown it is much easier to walk. This is a walking tour after all. There are some free street parking spots as well as app based parking lots in the area. If you must drive, please allow extra time for circling the block, downloading an app and paying. Uber and Lyft are fantastic options as well.    

Below are some resources to make your parking experience easier:

Can I bring my kids or dogs?

Any non-drinkers are $15 to join the experience but furry friends are welcome outside only.  Dogs unfortunately are not allowed in any of the brewhouses.

Is there food in the area?

Certainly. There are great options for pizza, bbq, cheese and meat boxes and so many food trucks all over South Slope Asheville. I am happy to help you find yourself a delicious snack or meal afterwards. Feel free and bring any food you would like on the tour as well.

How many beers do we get?

Each Beer City guest will be enjoy at least nine 5-6 ounce beer pours and up to twelve pours on the brewery tour. The best part is that the beer styles always change depending on what beers are inspiring me that day. Some of the pours are low alcohol others are higher gravity. Cheers!



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