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The Love Love Love Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download

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the Love Love Love full movie in hindi dubbed download


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Sree is an innocent and fun-loving IT employee from Chennai who lives with his parents. He has a crush on Sindhuja a beautiful and independent modern-day girl who works in the office opposite his. Sindhuja eventually joins Sree's office and invites him to hang out with her at the club to which Sree happily agrees. At the club, he realises, Sindhu drinks alcohol, swears freely, and is a complete party girl. He discovers that Sindhu doesn't know her own birthday because only her mother knew it and her mother died when she was very young. Over time they become good friends and he falls in love with her.

One day the duo gets stuck in an elevator and ends up kissing instinctively. Sindhuja brings Sree home and they have sex after which Sree confesses his love for Sindhuja. To his shock, she rejects him saying that they are only good friends and insists that she does not love him. She refers to their sex as a casual indulgence whereupon Sree leaves her house in complete disgust. Sindhuja constantly tries to pacify him and Sree finally gives in, agreeing to continue being friends with her and begin to hang out like before. At a party, Sindhu tries to get intimate with a drunk Sree but he gets upset and shouts at her for merely using him and criticizes her character. He also reveals to everyone that he had sex with Sindhuja, making her angry. Sindhu confesses that now she also loves Sree but is disheartened by his behavior and mindset, thus ending the party on an unpleasant note.

A day before his marriage, Sindhu turns up at his home to bid him goodbye before leaving Chennai. The two part each other with heavy hearts. On the day of his wedding, while Sindhu's father is driving her to the airport he confesses about how he did not acknowledge Sindhu's mother's love for him and how he regretted it after she died and asks Sindhu not to make the same mistake. Suddenly Sindhu realises she has to stop the marriage and rushes back to Sree's wedding avenue only to realize that the wedding is over and she turns to leave in tears.

Three years later Sindhu has opened her dream restaurant. She eventually learns that Sree is getting a divorce. Sindhu's father visits Sree's parents and tells about his daughter's love for Sree, while Sree's parents lament over his failed marriage. Sree's wife had got an abortion, as revenge for an argument which Sree won. Sree's mother accepts the fact that happily live-in relationships are better than unhappy marriages. Suddenly, Sree's parents and Sindhu's father realize that both of them have been missing for three days and wonder where they are. The film ends as Sree and Sindhu are seen having sex secretly as their parents call them. Their mindsets are shown to have reversed as Sree now wants a live-in relationship but Sindhu prefers marriage.

The soundtrack received positive reviews from critics. The Times of India, reviewed it as "Thirteen songs in an album could make for an exhaustive listen, but the biggest plus is that almost seven of them are short, and sweet, pieces."[29] Behindwoods gave the album 3 out of 5 stating "The romantic musical falls in place for Yuvan as he hits the high note effortlessly."[30] Indiaglitz gave the album a rating of 3 out of 5.[31] Milliblog commented "Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is a delightful follow-up to Irumbuthirai!"[32] Moviecrow gave 3 out of 5 stating "Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is Yuvan effortlessly offering 100+ trending ringtones and viral clips to do dubsmash and musically for youngsters. The soulfulness of the songs depends upon our opinions about how we look at love. But as standout numbers.. Yuvan is unstoppable in this romantic soundtrack that doesn't blink an eye about being cheesy and super cheesy."[33] 350c69d7ab


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