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Tomtom Western And Central Europe 2gb Update __HOT__

Hey Harald, I have an issue with your comments. I am not able to create or edit routes using A-Drive. I can only access existing routes but cannot create new ones. If you want the latest version of A-Drive I suggest you remove the 4.x libraries/extensions that come with A-Drive. I suggest you do this, then download the latest version of A-Drive from A-Drive for Android and replace the one you have with version 6.0 of A-Drive. I have been using A-Drive for almost a year and am not having any issues with it. That is why I have updated to 6.0. Your comments are really getting on my nerves.

Tomtom Western And Central Europe 2gb Update

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Help! I recently got a tomtomgo 630, and bought a map from their site without knowing of how this works. I payed 89 euros for a map and I got their payment confirmation email and all but I just don't get how to download and install the map I bought, on my device. The mail says I just have to connect to tomtomHOME and click update device/or go to tools 'Use latest map guarantee' and tomtomHOME would automatically recognize the map I purchased. But none of this appears no where that I bought a map, and worse is that the map I wanted appeared in 'add maps', but it says I have to buy it again!! When you buy a map from tomtom's site, is there any downloading button right after the payment page I'm scared I missed 'the download page' or something... is there a limited valid time for the download and when you download a map, do you first have to download on your computer and later download on my tomtom I'm lost I shouldve read more and thought better before buying...but I really dont want my 89 euros to go to waste now that I did):


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