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Mcquay Duct Size Calculator Free 122

Heating and Cooling Loads must be determined in order toproperly size all of the various components of the system, including theairflow required for each room, duct and pipe sizing, chiller, boiler, heatingand cooling coils etc. The loads are determined based on information availablethrough research such as design-day weather conditions for the specifiedclimate, information provided by the architect such as wall, floor, roof andwindow constructions and their thermal properties, and information assumed bythe engineer such as occupancy, lighting and electrical load schedules based onthe type of space. The heating and cooling loads must be calculated for eachspace in the building and there are several methods used to do this. Some engineers prefer to use handcalculations, which can be tedious and time consuming especially in a verylarge building. Most professionals usesoftware programs as their calculation tool. Some of the most popular heating and cooling load software used bymechanical engineers include Trane Trace 700 and Carrier HAP.

Mcquay Duct Size Calculator Free 122

To determine the duct sizing throughout each zone the required CFM for each room must be used in conjunction with the duct route to determine the proper size ductwork for each route. A ductulator like the one shown below on the left is an older handheld tool that is typically used to do this, although now there are quicker ways to determine duct sizing such as the free design software offered by McQuay for example shown on the right, which was used for this assignment to determine duct sizing. The duct sizing layouts can be seen in the HVAC Single Diagram section.

The goal is to stay at or under around 0.06 in.WC friction loss per 100' of ductwork in order to eliminate noise and reduce fan power throughout the entire system. So this is entered into the proper field along with the proper flow in CFM flowing through the section of duct in the free design software. As a result the software will give you round and rectangular duct options so that the proper size is selected. A table for all the spaces within the AHU-1 HVAC Zone is shown below.


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