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Sierra Nevada Brewing in Beer City USA

If you are a beer lover like me, Sierra Nevada in Mills River, NC is a bucket list brewery. In the video below you will see the very beginning of their amazing self guided tour at their gargantuan East Coast distribution center and taproom. It is impossible to capture how enormous this place is. This lengthy hallway of beer is an historical account of beer over the years from arguably the most important pioneers of beer and brewing in America. I strongly encourage anyone to check out this self-guided tour when visiting Sierra Nevada.

If you want more in depth explanations of what you see at Sierra Nevada, and any other brewery, check out Beer City Brewery Tours. We are the newest, most affordable, beer expert led Asheville brewery tours in Beer City USA. We offer entertaining tours every day and give an updated local beer expert's analysis of the story of beer. We will casually stroll around Asheville's Brewing District to my three favorite breweries in roughly three hours. Check us out today!



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