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GABF: The Great American Beer Festival

It's that time of year again! It's GABF time! After a two year hiatus because of Covid-19, GABF, or the Great American Beer Festival, was back in person earlier this month. GABF is the largest beer festival and commercial beer competition in the nation. It takes place every year in the fall in Denver, CO. The weekend festival stands as the industry standard for judging all of the beer styles and sub styles and is one hell of a party as well. Winning a medal at GABF is a huge boost to any commercial brewery and can catapult their beer businesses forever. This year GABF estimated to bring in over $15 million into Colorado.

Asheville, NC (or Beer City USA) has faired very well in the GABF beer competition over the years with award winning breweries such as: Green Man (which is on our Asheville Brewery Tour), Hi Wire, The Wedge, Hillman, Sierra Nevada (2022), and Whistlehop (2022). This is a huge boost to legitimize a brewery in Beer City, or anywhere, and put them on the map for a long time. It is really inspiring to see the friendly competition for this annual festival as well as the biannual competition known as The World Beer Cup. GABF should be a bucket list beer event for any beer lover.

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"The GABF competition took place in three phases over a period of nine days and was judged by 235 beer experts from seven countries, including the U.S. In addition to 9,904 commercial brewery entries, the judging panel also evaluated 35 Pro-Am entries and 94 Collaboration entries. The competition was made possible with the help of 310 volunteers." Around 400 breweries came to pour beer, compete, and imbibe on some the best beers in the world.

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“Each year the Great American Beer Festival showcases the best that American brewers have to offer,” said Chris Williams, competition director, Great American Beer Festival. “With 9,904 entries, this year’s competition was the most competitive to date. Congratulations to all the winners who truly demonstrated why the U.S. is the best brewing nation in the world.”

If you like to read about different beer festivals check out my blog about Oktoberfest.


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Beer City Brewery Tours

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