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Fermentation in the Mountains of Asheville, NC

What a beautiful time of year to make a fresh hopped pale ale! What are fresh hops? Fresh hops are hop cones or flowers that have been taken off of the bine and used to brew within days or minutes of harvesting them. I have been making fresh hop beers for years during harvest season (around now) with varying success. I am very excited about this batch as I ended up with over a pound of hops this season.

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Check out the view of this ale fermentation in my keezer. What’s a keezer?! It’s like a kegerator but using a chest freezer instead of a refrigerator. Now we wait for a few weeks for the yeast to eat all of the sugars created by the malt. I can’t wait to enjoy the “estate” grown Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops in this very simple pale ale recipe. Wish me luck!

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