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Canning Wayfarer IPA at Green Man Brewing

What a treat yesterday to watch a full canning line operating on a Tuesday afternoon on an Asheville brewery tour. This beer is Wayfarer IPA from Green Man Brewing dawning the Celtic god-like figure Green Man logo with the distinct Wayfarer sunglasses on shiny blue cans. This beer is iconic on Asheville's South Slope neighborhood as a wonderfully smooth, lighter bodied and colored tropical IPA for the masses to enjoy. Do you want to see and discuss the brewing process from start to finish on a Beer City Brewery Tour? Sure you do. Every Asheville brewery tour is a different beer experience which makes it super exciting. You never know what you will see or what will happen on the day of your next Beer City Brewery Tour. Click here to book your tour today!


Evan Rosenberg


Certified Cicerone®

Asheville, NC

828-677-2337 (BEER)


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