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New Beer Style: Altbier

Many people ask me whether I switch the breweries that I take people to on Beer City Brewery Tours. My response is always the same. There are so many amazing beers at the three breweries that I take guests to (Burial, Green Man, and Eurisko) that I don't need to switch breweries. It is hard to keep up with all of the amazing suds that are made weekly at these world class breweries but I'd like to be the one to take the challenge. At any given time there could be 60 different beers that I can choose from in order to educate guests visiting Beer City USA. That is the best part of Beer City Brewery Tours. Every tour is different and you never know what beers I will pour on a given day.

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When I saw that Eurisko Beer recently made a German Altbier I jumped at the chance to introduce my groups to this amazing, yet overlooked beer style. Altbier is a German ale from Dusseldorf, a city that sits next to the Rhine river. The style is quite beautiful in it's amber, copper color and delicious in its malty flavor profile. The style is quite unique to Germany as it is an ale representing a region in what typically is the land of lagers. But we are not flashing back to Bavaria when tasting Alt. Altbiers are copper or amber colored, well balanced malty ales with just enough bitterness to balance the sweet malt flavor.There is a richness to the malt that balances the bitterness of the German hops.These beers are typically smoother than most ales as they are conditioned (kept cold) for longer periods of time than most ales. At one time there were 100+ independent Altbier producers in Dusseldorf. Today there are merelyfour.

Kudos to Eurisko Beer for making this style as I cannot remember the last Altbier made by any brewery. Eurisko's 5% version has a wonderful collaboration story as well. Brewer Zach Harris and his buddies from Doemens Academy Brewing School in Germany collaborated to make this version of Alt. What a great harmony of malty and bready sweetness from the blend of malts and assertive bitterness from the German hops. The semi-dry finish makes you enjoy your sip yet bring you back in for another. It is so lucky that we have so many beer stories in Beer City so that we can taste brewers' history in a glass. If you would like to taste this beer and learn everything about German Ales and Lagers book here for Beer City Brewery Tours. We will see you soon!


Evan Rosenberg


Beer City Brewery Tours

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