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Ring A Ding DingSex And The City : Season 4 Epi...

The sexually explicit series, which is based on B. B. Easton's book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, has kept people discussing many aspects of the show in the days since its June 25 debut, none the least of which is its somewhat shocking twist ending. So, what happened during the Sex/Life Season 1 ending? We'll break it down for you right here, and talk about what those big surprises might mean for a potential Season 2.

Ring A Ding DingSex and the City : Season 4 Epi...

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Oh, boy, you guys. Sex/Life Season 1 was an intense roller coaster from minute one until the very end of the finale. Viewers spent basically an entire season wondering whether or not former wild child Billie (member of the Black Adam cast, Sarah Shahi) would dump her now sexual-dud of a husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel) and her life in Connecticut with their two very young kids to head back to New York City, and the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos). 041b061a72


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