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Cliff Empire v1.4.0 mod: How to Build a Successful City with Mods - YouTube

Cliff Empire v1.4.0 mod: A Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for a fun and challenging city builder game, you might want to check out Cliff Empire. This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has moved to the cliffs after a nuclear war. You have to build and manage your own city on the cliffs, while dealing with limited resources, environmental hazards, and hostile drones.


Cliff Empire is not only a beautiful and immersive game, but also a very moddable one. You can customize your game experience with various mods that add new features, buildings, maps, and more. In this article, we will show you what is new in the latest version of Cliff Empire, how to install mods for it, and some tips and tricks for playing with mods.

What is new in v1.4.0?

The latest version of Cliff Empire, v1.4.0, was released on December 8, 2021. It introduced some major changes and improvements to the game, such as:

  • A new campaign mode with 10 missions and a storyline

  • A new sandbox mode with unlimited resources and no disasters

  • A new difficulty setting that allows you to adjust the frequency and intensity of disasters

  • A new building: the orbital station, which can produce energy and resources from space

  • A new feature: the orbital elevator, which can transport goods and people between cities

  • A new feature: the orbital trade center, which can trade with other players online

  • A new feature: the orbital defense system, which can protect your city from enemy attacks

  • A new feature: the orbital research center, which can unlock new technologies and perks

  • A new feature: the orbital tourism center, which can attract tourists and increase your income

  • A new feature: the orbital weather control center, which can change the weather and climate

  • Improved graphics and performance

  • Improved UI and controls

  • Improved AI and balance

  • Improved localization and translation

  • Fixed bugs and glitches

As you can see, v1.4.0 added a lot of new content and features to Cliff Empire, making it more diverse and dynamic. However, if you want even more variety and customization, you can also try some of the mods that are available for the game.

How to install mods for Cliff Empire

Installing mods for Cliff Empire is very easy and straightforward. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the mod file from a reliable source, such as Nexus Mods or Steam Workshop.

  • Unzip the mod file if it is compressed.

  • Copy the mod folder into the MODS folder in your game directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cliff Empire\MODS).

  • Launch the game and enable the mod from the main menu.

  • Enjoy your modded game!

Note that some mods may require you to overwrite some of the original game files or other mods, so make sure you backup your files before installing them. Also, some mods may not be compatible with each other or with the latest version of the game, so check the mod description and comments before downloading them.

The Mermaid Pack: A mod that adds new buildings and a new map

One of the most popular and impressive mods for Cliff Empire is The Mermaid Pack by SyphLR. This mod adds a whole new set of buildings that are inspired by marine life and mythology. You can build structures such as coral reefs, seashells, starfishes, mermaids, dolphins, whales, sharks, octopuses, crabs, lobsters, turtles, fish tanks, fountains, waterfalls, lighthouses, boats, submarines, bridges, piers, docks, buoys, nets, harpoons, anchors, sails, flags and more.

The Mermaid Pack also adds a new map called The Mermaid Island, which is a large island surrounded by water and cliffs. You can build your city on both land and water, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean.

The Mermaid Pack is compatible with v1.4.0 of Cliff Empire, and requires you to override some of the original game files. You can download it from Nexus Mods or Steam Workshop.

Other popular mods for Cliff Empire

Besides The Mermaid Pack, there are many other mods that you can try for Cliff Empire. Here are some of them:

  • The Fantasy Pack by SyphLR: A mod that adds fantasy-themed buildings such as castles, towers, dragons, unicorns, fairies, witches, wizards, goblins, orcs, elves, dwarves, hobbits, trolls, giants, ogres, cyclops, minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, pegasus, griffins, phoenixes, hydrae, chimerae, medusae, sphinxes, cerberi, manticores, harpyies and more.

  • The Sci-Fi Pack by SyphLR: A mod that adds sci-fi-themed buildings such as spaceships, space stations, rockets, satellites, lasers, plasma guns, force fields, teleporters, robots, cyborgs, androids, aliens and more.

  • The Steampunk Pack by SyphLR: A mod that adds steampunk-themed buildings such as airships zeppelins balloons helicopters planes trains cars bikes tanks cannons guns clocks gears pipes valves steam engines boilers furnaces generators batteries lights telephones telegraphs radios cameras projectors computers typewriters printing presses books newspapers magazines posters billboards signs coins banknotes cards chests safes locks keys and more.

  • The Nature Pack by SyphLR: A mod that adds nature-themed buildings such as trees flowers plants fruits vegetables herbs spices grains seeds nuts mushrooms fungi algae moss lichen vines grass hay straw wood bamboo cotton wool silk leather fur feathers honey wax beeswax candles soap perfume incense pottery glassware jewelry gems crystals minerals metals and more.

The Holiday Pack by SyphLR: A mod that adds holiday-themed buildings such as snowmen snowflakes snowballs snow forts snow angels igloos ice sculptures skis snowboards sleds skates hockey sticks curling stones brooms fireplaces chimneys stockings gifts wrapping paper ribbons bows cards tags labels stickers stamps envelopes mailboxes post offices santa claus reindeer sleighs elves workshops toys dolls teddy bears cars trucks trains planes boats rockets robots legos blocks puzzles games books coloring books crayons markers paints brushes canvases easels scissors glue tape paper origami clay


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