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Chicago-land of Lagers

It is always a pleasure “researching” breweries around the country in order to have the most unique knowledge of beer, brewing and breweries for Beer City Brewery Tours. Last week was no exception on my trip to the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

I have been excited about a few breweries in particular in that area for quite some time. Goldfinger Brewery in Downers Grove, Art History in Geneva and Penrose in Geneva. None of them disappointed however Goldfinger (seen above) was extremely unique and spoke my lager language quite well.

Goldfinger Brewing was about to celebrate their 2nd Lagerversary that weekend. The brewery had four lager offerings on their traditional Czech side pull faucets (nice touch). That’s how wonderfully simple their beer list was. I knew we were in for a treat when the beertender told us that our Goldfinger Pils order would take six minutes to pour an ample, Saazy, fluffy, pillow of head. Check the picture above for the perfect pour. You can usually tell a serious lager brewery when they only do slow pours for their Pils. This provides a completely unique aromatic from the hops and a beatiful mouthfeel from the expansion of foam on top. You should definitely try it sometime.

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We tried all of their beers and went home with a four pack of their Original Helles lager which I regretted not buying at least 2 more four packs. For a lager lover like me this brewery was such a treat as the list is simple and staight forward because they specialize in lagerbier. No ales made here. “Beer tasting beer is my favorite kind of beer,” I hear a lot of my guests tell me. Lager beer showcases the four ingredients in beer and is typically the kinds of beer that most brewers are judged upon.

If you would like to hear about the rest of this Chicago beer getaway as well as all of my other beer travel stories from all over the world book a Beer City Brewery Tours experience today. We are open every day and specialize in the stories of beer.


Evan Rosenberg


Beer City Brewery Tours

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Asheville, NC

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