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They meditated often on the Wheel of Life - the more so since,as the lama said, they were freed from its visible temptations.Except the grey eagle and an occasional far-seen bear grubbing androoting on the hillside; a vision of a furious painted leopard met atdawn in a still valley devouring a goat; and now and again abright- coloured bird, they were alone with the winds and the grasssinging under the wind. The women of the smoky huts over whose roofsthe two walked as they descended the mountains, were unlovelyand unclean, wives of many husbands, and afflicted with goitre. Themen were woodcutters when they were not farmers - meek, and ofan incredible simplicity. But that suitable discourse might notfail, Fate sent them, overtaking and overtaken upon the road, the courteous Dacca physician, who paid for his food in ointmentsgood for goitre and counsels that restore peace between men andwomen. He seemed to know these hills as well as he knew the hill dialects,and gave the lama the lie of the land towards Ladakh and Tibet. Hesaid they could return to the Plains at any moment. Meantime, forsuch as loved mountains, yonder road might amuse. This was not allrevealed in a breath, but at evening encounters on the stonethreshing- floors, when, patients disposed of, the doctor would smoke andthe lama snuff, while Kim watched the wee cows grazing on thehousetops, or threw his soul after his eyes across the deep blue gulfsbetween range and range. And there were talks apart in the dark woods,when the doctor would seek herbs, and Kim, as budding physician,must accompany him.

Fast And Furious 8 English 5 Hindi Pdf Free Download

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